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Karstula is located in the north of central Finland 100 kilometers from Jyväskylä in northwest direction. Population is nearly 5000 inhabitants, 99,5 % of whom speak Finnish as their mother tongue. We want to provide you with a pleasant environment for living, enterprising, working and especially vacationing. Guarantees of that are fresh air, beautiful and peaceful nature, events all year and the conveniences of almost 400 enterprises. Welcome to Karstula with the whole family!

Living in Karstula

Learners of all ages are taken into consideration in the education. Kindergarten, comprehensive school and high school take care of the students up to 19 years. Furthermore, Karstula Evangelical Institute arranges adult education and open university studies. The high school provides its students with optional courses especially in foreign languages and arts. Casual atmosphere and extra curricular activities ensure pleasant and humane environment for studying at all the levels.

Building sites are available in pine forests with a lake scenery. The county supports families who build or buy their first residence in Karstula. Tax rate is lowest in the province but despite that the standard of conveniences is very high in relation to the population. In addition, residents of all ages are provided with spare time activities both out in the open and indoors.

Folk college courses, library, sports fields and exercising track are popular with the residents. Active inhabitants make the cultural life flourish by arranging events all year. Annual events are for example Karstula International Shootingweek, national children’s cultural event ”Satusivellin”  and many summer theaters. A new tradition is ”Carstune Kruisinki” where old-fashioned cars get together at a summer event for people of all ages. Renovated and modernized movie theater makes the cultural life even more diverse and lets us see premiere movies at the same time as elsewhere in Finland.


You can enjoy the conveniences whether you are a passer-by or visiting longer. Accommodation alternatives are campground, cottage, apartment and hotel room. Accommodation is available both close to the center and in the nature. Local restaurants offer food for every situation. You can choose your favourites from the supply of fast food, lunch and a la carte portions. Like accommodation, diners are also diverse and will serve the whole family and groups as well.

The museums of Karstula introduce you to the history of the region. The museum of women’s auxiliary service display ordinary life during wartime. ”Wanhat Wehkeet” is a museum of old-fashioned cars and will provide you with nostalgia. The nature offers memorable experiences as well. You can enjoy the silence by walking through the forests. Fishing and swimming at the lakes will also refresh you. If you are more adventurous, you can have a go at canoeing or rapid shooting. Snowmobile safaris and cross-country skiing are popular activities in winter. Come and find your way of enjoying Karstula!

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